Winds will shift northeast as high pressure builds into the area from the north – cooler air off Lake Michigan expected to flow into Chicago area north of Interstate-80 this morning – pushing farther south this afternoon

Today at 6AM by Paul Dailey

Strengthening easterly winds to slash Chicago temps 22-degrees Sat; northbound spring storm hits with gusty, wind-driven rains & heavy rains Sunday

Today at 12AM by Tom Skilling

Warmest day in seven months—17th warmest April so far; Heavy, wind-driven rains with new spring storm hit Sunday

Yesterday at 11PM by WGN Team
Stretch and yawn

Cold, rain to follow warmest day in nearly 7 months

Yesterday at 9PM by Paul Dailey
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April’s temp surplus places it among Chicago’s 14% warmest; 2015’s warmest daytime high a good bet Friday; spring storm 2nd half of weekend threatens blustery rains, possible thunder

Yesterday at 12AM by WGN Web Desk

Northern lights overnight?–it’s possible! Friday has good shot at becoming 2015’s warmest to date; spring storm threatening wind, rain, possible thunder 2nd half of weekend

Yesterday at 12AM by Tom Skilling

Partly cloudy with temperatures reaching upper 60s

Today at 11AM by Mike Hamernik
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55° 11:36 AM

Broken Clouds

Feels Like: 55°
Wind: NE 14mph
Humidity: 53%

Sunrise on the Kedzie Ave Bridge at the Sanitary and Ship Canal

By Steve Puszkiewicz


By Tracey Rees

Janesville, WI Clouds

By Steven Strawn (Friend of Jay Kleeman)

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