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Today at 10PM by Paul Dailey

Rain Sunday – relatively cool week ahead

Today at 8PM by Paul Dailey
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The end of the snow season draws nigh

Today at 8PM by WGN Team

What is an embedded thunderstorm?

Today at 8PM by WGN Team

Northeast winds as high pressure builds into the area from the north – cooler air off Lake Michigan flowing into the Chicago area

Today at 4PM by Paul Dailey
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49° 11:33 PM


Wind Chill: 45°
Wind: NNE 8mph
Humidity: 56%

Sunrise on the Kedzie Ave Bridge at the Sanitary and Ship Canal

By Steve Puszkiewicz


By Tracey Rees

Janesville, WI Clouds

By Steven Strawn (Friend of Jay Kleeman)

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