Pattern to undergo sea change; resulting warming could produce mildest temps here in 4 months & melt local snowpack in under a week

Today at 1AM by Tom Skilling
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Mildest temps in 4 months due by mid-next week; warming to melt much of area’s snowpack

Today at 1AM by WGN Team

What is the ‘Maunder minimum’?

Yesterday at 10PM by WGN Team

1-minute forecast: Warm-up coming to Chicago area

Yesterday at 2PM by Tom Skilling

Forecast: Near record cold temps again tonight

Yesterday at 1PM by Tom Skilling
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5° 6:38 AM

Broken Clouds

Wind Chill: -9°
Wind: SSW 9mph
Humidity: 76%

The Rise of Chiberria

By Eli Welson (Welson Photos)

Mallards in the snow

By Fidencio Marbella

Suspended in the frozen season

By Sky Arden

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