Join us this Saturday in Batavia, IL

03|24|15 by Tom Skilling

7-day forecast: Cold, breezy Friday and Saturday; warm-up next week

Today at 6PM by Tom Skilling

Forecast: Unseasonably low temps Friday; possible snow in lakeside counties

Today at 5PM by Tom Skilling

Forecast: Unseasonable chill settles over Chicago area

Today at 1PM by Tom Skilling

1-minute forecast: Chilly day, scattered snow showers tonight

Today at 7AM by Paul Konrad

Current Weather Radar – Showers passing well to the south and east of Chicago

Today at 6AM by Paul Dailey
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38° 6:46 PM


Wind Chill: 30°
Wind: NW 14mph
Humidity: 55%

The Rise of Chiberria

By Eli Welson (Welson Photos)

Mallards in the snow

By Fidencio Marbella

Suspended in the frozen season

By Sky Arden

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