Blizzard generates near-record Northeast snows while 9 states set records in Tuesday’s spring-like 70s to near 80

Today at 12AM by Tom Skilling
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A study in contrasts; Northeast snows approach record at same time warmth breaks mid-U.S. records across 9 states

Today at 12AM by WGN Team

1-minute forecast: Partly sunny, scattered rain/snow showers tonight

Today at 6AM by Paul Konrad

Jan. 28, 1928—a very cold day to get married

Yesterday at 11PM by WGN Team

Forecast: Mostly sunny Wednesday; rain and snow possible late

Yesterday at 10PM by Tom Skilling
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22° 8:05 AM

Broken Clouds

Wind Chill: 13°
Wind: SSE 7mph
Humidity: 78%

The Rise of Chiberria

By Eli Welson (Welson Photos)

Mallards in the snow

By Fidencio Marbella

Suspended in the frozen season

By Sky Arden

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