New Grayslake/Lake County, IL Sunday tornado & storm photos keep coming–and they’re spectacular!

Yesterday at 11PM by Tom Skilling

Extraordinary view of our planet from the International Space Station (ISS)

Yesterday at 6PM by Tom Skilling

1-minute forecast: Warm temps, cooler lakeside

Today at 7AM by Demetrius Ivory
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U.S. West and South broil in triple digit-heat while Chicago logs 20th day of 80s

Today at 12AM by WGN Team

Fewer severe weather events in Deerfield, IL?

Yesterday at 11PM by WGN Team

Pleasant weather continues

Yesterday at 10PM by Tom Skilling
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Sunrise on the Kedzie Ave Bridge at the Sanitary and Ship Canal

By Steve Puszkiewicz


By Tracey Rees

Janesville, WI Clouds

By Steven Strawn (Friend of Jay Kleeman)

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