Current Regional/Chicago Metro Weather Radar – weak cold front far south with dry east-northeasterly flow over the Chicago area

Today at 11AM by Paul Dailey
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Lake breezes nix Friday’s predicted warmth—but not for long; warming resumes over Memorial Day weekend, thunderstorms not far away…

Today at 1AM by WGN Team

“NE” lake winds Friday pull the plug on warmth– but holiday weekend temps are to climb; humidities aren’t far behind!

Today at 1AM by Tom Skilling

1-minute forecast: Mild conditions, ample sunshine

Today at 7AM by Paul Konrad

How far inland can lake-effect cooling travel?

Yesterday at 10PM by WGN Team

Major warm-up in the forecast next week

Yesterday at 8PM by Tom Skilling

Forecast: Warm temps, scattered rain for Memorial Day weekend

Yesterday at 7PM by Tom Skilling

Forecast: Mostly sunny and warmer temps Friday

Yesterday at 1PM by Tom Skilling

1-minute forecast: Mild conditions, decreasing clouds

Yesterday at 7AM by Paul Konrad
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Warm, muggy Memorial Day ahead

Yesterday at 12AM by WGN Team
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Warmth, humidity to follow Wednesday’s unseasonable chill

Yesterday at 12AM by WGN Team

Rare late season chill Wednesday yields to 20-deg temp surge Thursday; warming over Memorial Day weekend to bring 80s & t-storms by Mondays

Yesterday at 12AM by Tom Skilling

Warmup arrives

05|20|15 by Tom Skilling

Chicago’s 1953 heat wave

05|20|15 by Thomas Valle

Temps begin to climb

05|20|15 by Tom Skilling
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