Current Weather Radar – pockets of heavy snow still moving east over Chicago area as center of low pressure pulls away through Indiana

Today at 3PM by Paul Dailey
Sunday 11

Entire Chicago area continues under Winter Storm with 10 to 16-inches of snow expected and even more snow in a few locations – Blizzard Warning Exended over most of area, current time until Midnight CST Tonight

Today at 3PM by Paul Dailey

Lake-effect snow showers enhancing system snow along the Illinois Lake Michigan shoreline – greater snowfall totals approaching 18-inches could occur along and inland of the Lake Michigan shoreline

Today at 1PM by Paul Dailey
Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 9.25.02 AM

Chicago’s biggest Super Bowl Sunday snow underway; 4 to 10″ already down-another 6-8″ on the way

Today at 9AM by Tom Skilling

Current Weather Radar – snow spreading across the Chicago area from the southwest

Yesterday at 9PM by Paul Dailey
Sunday 12

Center of low pressure to move east-northeast into eastern Pennsylvania by Monday morning – preparing to dump more snow over New England

Today at 3PM by Paul Dailey

Snowfall continues

Today at 3PM by Tom Skilling

Latest snowfall reports as of 3PM CST – New Lenox and Plano reach 14-inches

Today at 3PM by Paul Dailey

Another look at the approach of very dangerous Blizzard conditions

Today at 2PM by Paul Dailey

2PM CST observations show Blizzard conditions developing across northeastern Illinois

Today at 2PM by Paul Dailey

Updated snowfall reports as of 1:40PM CST

Today at 1PM by Paul Dailey

Blizzard warning in effect

Today at 1PM by Tom Skilling

Updated snowfall reports as of 11:30AM CST

Today at 12PM by Paul Dailey

Near-term outlook through this afternoon…

Today at 11AM by Paul Merzlock

Latest listing of snow totals

Today at 9AM by Paul Merzlock

Blizzard conditions to commence later today.

Today at 8AM by Paul Merzlock
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