The latest Metro/Regional radar loops

Today at 11PM by Paul Dailey

Storms put on a show Monday; drench the already waterlogged area overnight ahead of a 20-30-deg temp plunge

Today at 11PM by Tom Skilling
Monday 5

Urban and Small Stream Flood Advisories in effect

Today at 11PM by Paul Dailey
Monday 2

Risk of severe thunderstorms in Chicago area later Monday

Today at 1PM by Paul Dailey

Showers, thunderstorms expected much of the night.

Today at 8PM by Paul Merzlock

heavy downpours moving through the western suburbs.

Today at 7PM by Paul Merzlock

Radar update

Today at 6PM by Paul Merzlock

Warning for Lee county is cancelled.

Today at 6PM by Paul Merzlock

Cooler temps return – for now

Today at 6PM by Tom Skilling
Monday 3

Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Lee County until 6:30PM CDT

Today at 6PM by Paul Dailey

New storms may begin to affect the metro area later this evening.

Today at 5PM by Paul Merzlock

Current Weather Radar Mosaic

Today at 3PM by Paul Dailey

Forecast: Heavy showers/T-storms possible tonight

Today at 1PM by Tom Skilling

Chicago area hydrologic river stage/ flood forecasts

Today at 9AM by Paul Dailey

1-minute forecast: Hot temps, showers & storms expected tonight

Today at 7AM by Demetrius Ivory
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