Forecasting winter precip types—a difficult task in Chicago

Yesterday at 9PM by WGN Team
Des Plaines City Hall

Cloudy Saturday – record zero percent sunshine

Yesterday at 8PM by Paul Dailey
A double sun dog and the 22 degree halo. Taken in the Lyons Woods Forrest Preserve in Waukegan, Illinois.

Rain follows rare 50-degree highs

12|26|14 by Paul Dailey

Cloudy, mild December headed for a chilly close

12|26|14 by WGN Team
Savoring a drink.

‘Snow drought’ persists in Chicago, but flurries possible

12|25|14 by Richard Koeneman

Mild, snow-free December to end on a frigid note

12|25|14 by WGN Team

Why are sidewalks sometimes wet in winter with no rain?

Yesterday at 8PM by Tom Skilling

Polar day, Polar night

Yesterday at 7PM by Richard Koeneman

Luke Howard

Yesterday at 7PM by Richard Koeneman

Jim Ramsey’s forecast 12/27

Yesterday at 5PM by Jim Ramsey

Rare for December: Chicago warmer than Phoenix, San Diego and Las Vegas

Yesterday at 1PM by Mike Hamernik

Current Weather Radar Mosaic – precipitation moving northeast – scattered rain showers along and ahead of the cold front as it sweeps east

Yesterday at 12AM by Paul Dailey

Winter Weather Advisory in effect Saturday Upper Michigan

Yesterday at 12AM by Paul Dailey


12|26|14 by Richard Koeneman

Wet weekend with falling temps

12|26|14 by Jim Ramsey

How many traces of rain would it take to make an inch of rain?

12|26|14 by Tom Skilling

Big drop in temps coming

12|26|14 by Jim Ramsey
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