Thunder to rumble by the weekend

Today at 10PM by Richard Koeneman

Muggy air/t-storms ahead of strong cool surge next week

Today at 10PM by WGN Team

Where should an outdoor thermometer be placed to obtain an accurate temperature reading?

Today at 10PM by Tom Skilling

Warmup and storms possible for weekend

Today at 6PM by Jim Ramsey
This photo is a blend of 14 shots of last night's storm taken by photographer Lorraine Mahoney. Lorraine's work is always spectacular and a visual treat!

Weather shift the subject of some spectacular photos!

Today at 4PM by Tom Skilling
High waves are sweeping onto Kathy Osterman and Foster Avenue Beaches on Chicago's North Side while the high water mark evident in this image is testament to lake levels running as much as 1.3 ft. above those observed 24 hours earlier on Tuesday afternoon.

What a change! North winds mean temps way down: Lake Michigan waves, water levels up

Today at 3PM by Tom Skilling

Cooler temps, lakeshore hazard alert issued

Today at 2PM by Jim Ramsey
Rainfall Wed morning

Widespread showers/thunderstorms last night – heaviest rainfall in Cook County  

Today at 8AM by Paul Dailey

Forecast: Cooler temps, dryer conditions today

Today at 6AM by Demetrius Ivory

Punch of Canadian air arrives with little fanfare

Yesterday at 11PM by Richard Koeneman

Cooler, drier air to dominate area in coming days

Yesterday at 11PM by Richard Koeneman

What is “heat lightning”?

Yesterday at 10PM by Tom Skilling
Temp, dew point, pressure and wind plots at 8 pm CDT.

Very muggy evening in northern Illinois

Yesterday at 8PM by Paul Merzlock
Clouds and crepuscular rays over the DuPage River valley in Lisle, on 7/16/14

Follow this evening’s thunderstorm development on the latest radar loop- Click to see radar

Yesterday at 6PM by Steve Kahn

Severe thunderstorms still possible- SPC monitoring this area for possible watch

Yesterday at 6PM by Steve Kahn
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