Sunday 1

An Enhanced Risk of severe thunderstorms in the Chicago area later this afternoon into the overnight hours

Today at 4AM by Paul Dailey

The latest Metro/Regional radar loops

Yesterday at 3AM by Paul Dailey

Storms to roam the area ahead of cool-down

Yesterday at 9PM by Paul Merzlock
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Chicago’s dry spell comes to an end as August opens stormy

Yesterday at 9PM by WGN Team

Explaining the Dew Point and Relative Humidity

Yesterday at 9PM by WGN Team

7-day forecast: 90 Sunday before cool-down to 80s most of week

Yesterday at 5PM by Jim Ramsey

Forecast: Clouds/sun mix on Sunday; strong storms possible

Yesterday at 5PM by Jim Ramsey
Saturday 2

Risk of severe thunderstorms in the Chicago area increases later Saturday night into Sunday

Yesterday at 3PM by Paul Dailey

Forecast: Hot and humid day, chance of showers tonight

Yesterday at 6AM by Mike Hamernik

July closes warm and dry, but storms are on the way

Yesterday at 12AM by WGN Team

August begins with hot, humid temps

07|31|15 by Tom Skilling

Forecast: Warm, humid week ahead

07|31|15 by Tom Skilling
A reflection of the beautiful skies and view of the city through a beautiful piece of art in our gorgeous city of Chicago

Tranquil start to August may turn stormy

07|31|15 by Paul Merzlock

Can August still have 80s and maybe even a few 90s before the cold weather settles in?

07|31|15 by Tom Skilling
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Classic “NW” flow pattern could bring a few southeastbound gusty thunderstorms the upcoming first weekend of August 2015; cool pattern settles in mid-next week

07|31|15 by WGN Team
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