Even though Freezing Rain Advisories are ended after 6AM CST this morning – there still could be a few slick spots remaining

Today at 5AM by Paul Dailey

Current Weather Radar – as indicated widely scattered areas of light snow have mostly moved east and south of the Chicago area, however pockets of fine freezing drizzle not well distinguished on radar will continue, especialy to the south of Chicago early this morning

Today at 5AM by Paul Dailey

Freezing rain produces nightmarish road conditions here; Powerhouse nor-easter saves 20″+ snows for areas east/north of NYC

Today at 12AM by Tom Skilling

Powerful nor’easter saves heaviest 20-inch-plus snows for areas east and north of New York City

Yesterday at 11PM by WGN Team
Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 10.27.37 AM

Nor-easter bears down on Northeast on 48th anniversary of Chicago’s benchmark Blizzard of ’67

Yesterday at 11AM by Tom Skilling

Anniversary of “Big Snow”—major storm hits northeast

01|25|15 by WGN Team
Snow on trees

Light snow here Monday – Major northeast coast storm

01|25|15 by Paul Dailey
sunday 3

Low pressure departs to the east only to intensify into a massive northeast coastal storm Monday-Wednesday

01|25|15 by Paul Dailey

1-minute forecast: Seasonable temps, decreasing clouds

Today at 6AM by Paul Konrad

Chicago’s average first day with temperatures in the 70s and 80s?

Yesterday at 10PM by WGN Team

7-day forecast: Rain turns to snow Thursday; another snow system over weekend

Yesterday at 7PM by Tom Skilling

Forecast: Milder weather coming Wednesday

Yesterday at 6PM by Tom Skilling

Forecast: Clouds and passing flurries Tuesday

Yesterday at 4PM by Tom Skilling

1-minute forecast: Flurries, light snow expected on and off next 24 hours

Yesterday at 1PM by Tom Skilling

Forecast: Snow flurries, seasonable chill for the next 24 hours

Yesterday at 1PM by Tom Skilling

Snow flurries, seasonable chill for the next 24 hours

Yesterday at 1PM by Tom Skilling

Freezing Rain Advisory until 6AM; Numerous ice related accidents reported

Yesterday at 12PM by Mike Hamernik

1-minute forecast: Cold conditions, snow showers expected later today

Yesterday at 6AM by Paul Konrad
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