Snow showers/flurries associated with cold front swinging through the Chicago area this Monday morning

Today at 5AM by Paul Dailey

Latest radar mosaic – scattered show showers/flurries over the Chicago area

Today at 5AM by Paul Dailey

Wintry week ahead across the Midwest, Great Lakes

Yesterday at 8PM by WGN Team
From Montrose Harbor facing southeast; distant Chicago skyline beyond icy Lake Michigan with interesting rings of ice shards on a bright, cloudy day, geese flying overhead above a sliver of peeking blue sky.

Winter to make comeback on howling winds

Yesterday at 7PM by Paul Merzlock

7-day forecast: 1-2 inches of snow by Wednesday

Yesterday at 8PM by Jim Ramsey

What qualifies a storm to be called a blizzard?

Yesterday at 5PM by Tom Skilling

7-day forecast: warm on Sunday, next week chilly

Yesterday at 12PM by Mike Hamernik

Winter-like conditions return here beginning Monday

Yesterday at 11AM by Paul Dailey

No Super Bowl blizzard this year

02|06|16 by Paul Merzlock

Ongoing El Niño winter leaving minimal Great Lakes ice

02|06|16 by WGN Team

What is pancake ice and what conditions are necessary for it to form on Lake Michigan?

02|06|16 by WGN Team

7-day forecast: Temps plunge to teens by Wed

02|06|16 by Jim Ramsey

Chicago area hydrologic river stages – no flooding, but swollen rivers need to be watched for potential ice jams

02|06|16 by Paul Dailey

Current Metro and Regional weather radar

02|06|16 by Paul Dailey

Snows bypass the Midwest, but colder air is on the way

02|06|16 by WGN Team
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