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Cold air sweeps in behind storm—rain changes to snow

Today at 9PM by Paul Dailey

Storm departs—cool down follows, then moderate warm-up

Today at 8PM by WGN Team
Winter wx Monday afternoon

Winter Weather Advisory for northwest portion of Chicago area Monday noon to Midnight CST

Today at 4PM by Paul Dailey

Current weather radar mosaic – scattered showers moving northeast across Illinois/Chicago area

Today at 5AM by Paul Dailey

7-day forecast: Temps ‘substantially colder’ by Tuesday

Today at 6PM by Jim Ramsey

Forecast: Snow to develop midday Monday as cold air comes in

Today at 6PM by Jim Ramsey

How cold was it on November 16, 1903?

Today at 6PM by Tom Skilling

Forecast: Heavy rain Sunday afternoon, temps to fall by Monday

Today at 12PM by Mike Hamernik

Mild rainy Sunday followed by another cool-down

Yesterday at 8PM by Paul Dailey
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Mild, rainy Sunday—some stats from Thanksgivings past

Yesterday at 8PM by WGN Team

Why does Buffalo, NY get so much lake-effect snow while areas near Lake Michigan never get that much?

Yesterday at 7PM by WGN Team

7-day forecast: Chilly temps next week, possible snow

Yesterday at 6PM by Jim Ramsey

Forecast: 2 chances upcoming for accumulating snow

Yesterday at 6PM by Jim Ramsey

7-day forecast: Mild weekend, temps to drop again by end of next week

Yesterday at 12PM by Mike Hamernik

7AM: Roads & sidewalks remain icy in spots; Freezing rain advisory until 9AM

Yesterday at 7AM by Mike Hamernik
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