Cool start to week followed—then warming trend

Yesterday at 9PM by Paul Dailey

Heavy snow in Rockies—growing season here set to begin

Yesterday at 9PM by WGN Team

Friday/Saturday rainfall totals well over an inch much of the Chicago area – topped by 1.75-inch at LaSalle

Yesterday at 11AM by Paul Dailey

1-minute forecast: Cooler than usual conditions today

Today at 7AM by Paul Konrad


Yesterday at 8PM by Richard Koeneman

Why is there a trend for weathermen to report temperatures above or below “average”?

Yesterday at 6PM by Tom Skilling

7-day forecast: ‘Things are looking up’ as week advances

Yesterday at 6PM by Jim Ramsey

Forecast: Partly cloudy Monday with below-normal temps

Yesterday at 6PM by Jim Ramsey

Plenty of sun Sunday with high temps nears 60

Yesterday at 11AM by Mike Hamernik

Low, Middle and High Clouds

Yesterday at 2AM by Richard Koeneman

Current Weather Radar

04|25|15 by Paul Dailey

Cool temperatures give way to midweek warming

04|25|15 by Paul Dailey

Under the influence of an ‘omega block’

04|25|15 by Paul Dailey

How long is a lightning bolt?

04|25|15 by WGN Team

7-day forecast: Temps shoot up as week goes on; mid-70s by weekend

04|25|15 by Jim Ramsey
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