The latest radar loops

Today at 3AM by Paul Dailey

Forecast: Hazy, fog overnight; High of 80 Tuesday

Today at 9PM by Tom Skilling
Kankakee river

Wet June keeps getting wetter

Today at 6PM by Steve Kahn

Slow-moving thunderstorms producing heavy rainfall and causing flash flooding- Flash flood warning until 11:30pm for portions of DeKalb, LaSalle and Lee counties

Today at 6PM by Steve Kahn
Breaking weather JPG

Tornado warning for extreme northwest LaSalle County and southeastern Lee County valid until 6:15 pm has been canceled

Today at 5PM by Steve Kahn

7-day forecast: Warm Tuesday before string of cooler temps

Today at 5PM by Tom Skilling

Skilling: Cloudiest June on record in 122 years

Today at 1PM by Tom Skilling

Chicago area Hydrologic river stages/forecasts

Today at 10AM by Paul Dailey
Monday 1

Chicago area rests between severe weather risk to northwest and southeast today

Today at 4AM by Paul Dailey

Cloudiest June still possible – cool week ahead

Yesterday at 8PM by Paul Dailey

Cool week ahead—closing in on record-low June sunshine

Yesterday at 8PM by WGN Team

Forecast: Mostly cloudy with stormy periods Monday

Yesterday at 7PM by Jim Ramsey

7-day forecast: More storms, temps in 70s

Yesterday at 5PM by Jim Ramsey

Why doesn’t California get hurricanes like Baja?

Yesterday at 5PM by Tom Skilling
Sunday 2

Showers/thunderstoms possible here later this afternoon and tonight – risk of severe storms west and south of the Chicago area

Yesterday at 1PM by Paul Dailey
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