Meso Saurday

Strong thunderstorms moving through Chicago area – primary threat heavy downpours/local flooding

Today at 12PM by Paul Dailey

Urban and Small Stream Flood Advisory until 5:30PM CDT

Today at 2PM by Paul Dailey

Weekend Forecast: Heat wave on the way

Today at 11AM by Duffy Atkins

Muggy weekend weather threatening new t-storms; Augusts have been growing wetter over the past half century

Today at 12AM by Tom Skilling

Midway gets doused during the wettest summer on record

Yesterday at 11PM by Tom Skilling

Skilling’s 7-Day Outlook

Yesterday at 10PM by Tom Skilling
This is the Brueck Family's house at 9832 s. Rutherford Ave. in Oak Lawn after last nights storm

Storm brings a record-setting rain to Midway

Yesterday at 10PM by Paul Merzlock

Are “beach hazard warnings” weather-related?

Yesterday at 10PM by Tom Skilling

1-minute forecast: Storms possible tonight, hot weekend ahead

Yesterday at 2PM by Tom Skilling

Hot, humid weekend ahead

Yesterday at 2PM by Tom Skilling

Record-setting rainfall at Midway Airport

Yesterday at 2PM by Tom Skilling

Compilation of top  Chicago-area 24-hour rainfall totals (7AM Thursday-7AM Friday)

Yesterday at 11AM by Paul Dailey
Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 10.08.28 AM

Record rains with thundery overnight cloudburst–and there’s more to come

Yesterday at 10AM by Tom Skilling
Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 8.58.31 AM

Here’s Chicago’s weather in motion courtesy of time-lapse video; low clouds move in and shroud the city’s skyline

Yesterday at 9AM by Tom Skilling

1-minute forecast: Some AM showers, scattered storms tonight

Yesterday at 8AM by Paul Konrad
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