Dense fog at North Ave. Beach. The dramatic view of skyline completely shrouded in fog.

Rain moving in – snow possible Wednesday

Yesterday at 9PM by Paul Dailey

Christmas holiday ahead—clouds/rain followed by snow

Yesterday at 9PM by WGN Team
Winter snow dogs christmas

Winter Solstice – A white Christmas?

12|20|14 by Paul Dailey

Winter solstice—chances of a White Christmas

12|20|14 by WGN Team

Month’s unrelenting clouds have allowed as little sun as we’ve seen in any Dec of the past 39 years!

12|20|14 by Tom Skilling

Dark December continues; forecasters warily track storm

12|19|14 by WGN Team

Dreary pattern to continue; 2014 to end on a cold note

12|18|14 by WGN Team
Northern Cardinal getting a warm water drink on a cold day

Few rays briefly brighten the city

12|18|14 by Steve Kahn


Yesterday at 10PM by Richard Koeneman

How fast do snowflakes fall?

Yesterday at 6PM by Tom Skilling

7-day forecast: ‘A little snow’ possible Christmas Eve

Yesterday at 6PM by Jim Ramsey

Forecast: ‘Good rain soaker’ coming, but ‘skinny’ in snow department

Yesterday at 6PM by Jim Ramsey

Forecast: Chance of Christmas Eve storm decreasing

Yesterday at 12PM by Mike Hamernik

Jonathan Patz

Yesterday at 5AM by Richard Koeneman

Winter Phobias

12|20|14 by Richard Koeneman

Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit

12|20|14 by Richard Koeneman

Does the sun have an atmosphere?

12|20|14 by Tom Skilling

7-day forecast: Don’t get too worried about the snow just yet

12|20|14 by Jim Ramsey

Forecast: Rain rolls in Monday

12|20|14 by Jim Ramsey
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