July 2014-among area’s coolest 8%-closes at midnight; summer just 0.5-deg below normal

Yesterday at 11PM by Tom Skilling

Storm rolls into New Buffalo, MI Thursday evening

Yesterday at 6PM by Tom Skilling
Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 10.48.15 AM

Daytime heating to rekindle afternoon/evening t-storms

Yesterday at 11AM by Tom Skilling

North Canadian fires have burned for a month; smoke to produce brilliant Midwest sunsets

Yesterday at 1AM by Tom Skilling

Atmosphere primed for afternoon/evening t-storms driven by daytime heating/cool air aloft

07|29|14 by Tom Skilling

North Canadian heat a factor in abnormal jet stream helping drive Chicago’s unusual summer weather

07|29|14 by Tom Skilling

Storms possible heading into weekend

Yesterday at 6PM by Tom Skilling

NASA catalogs North American wildfires over the past 10 days

Yesterday at 6PM by Tom Skilling

1-minute forecast: Chance for showers, t-storms through Saturday

Yesterday at 1PM by Tom Skilling

A day-to-day chance of showers, thunderstorms

Yesterday at 1PM by Tom Skilling

Isolated showers or thunderstorms possible tonight

Yesterday at 1PM by Tom Skilling
CT Weather_KC13.JPG

Tim’s Weather World: No more 90s?

Yesterday at 6AM by Tim McGill

Forecast: Warm and sunny today; possible rain this evening

Yesterday at 6AM by Paul Konrad

What is the Milankovitch theory?

07|29|14 by Tom Skilling

Storm approaching Lake County (IL) has a history of wind damage

07|29|14 by Mike Hamernik
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