The latest Metro/Regional radar loops – band of showers/thunderstorms along/north of “backdoor” cold front as it moves south into northeast Illinois

Today at 6PM by Paul Dailey

Weekend could be hot, stormy

Today at 10PM by Jim Ramsey

Heat, humidity return as front moves north

Today at 9PM by Paul Dailey
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‘Back door front’ breaks heat—but 90s return this weekend

Today at 9PM by WGN Team

The origin of the term “muggy”

Today at 9PM by WGN Team

Hot holiday weekend could be stormy

Today at 5PM by Jim Ramsey

1-minute forecast: Scattered storms possible tonight

Today at 3PM by Jim Ramsey

A back-door cold front will provide some relief from the heat at Soldier Field tonight

Today at 2PM by Mike Hamernik

Forecast: Chance of scattered t-storms late this afternoon

Today at 1PM by Tim McGill

1-minute forecast: Another hot day, scattered storms possible

Today at 7AM by Paul Konrad
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Heat/humidity threaten some drenching t-storms near a southbound ‘back-door’ front later Thurday/Thur. night and Friday; 50% of area vulnerable to storms; Late season 90s have occurred here 52 of past 87 years…

Yesterday at 11PM by WGN Team

Tree ring reflecting weather from 80 years ago?

Yesterday at 11PM by WGN Team

Heat could give way to storms

Yesterday at 10PM by Tom Skilling

Little relief from heat this week

Yesterday at 4PM by Tom Skilling

Heat Index – “feels like” temperatures pushing 100-degrees this Wednesday afternoon

Yesterday at 1PM by Paul Dailey
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