Chicago to ride autumn temperature roller coaster

Today at 10PM by WGN Team
Likes suet and sitting

Temperatures give way to strong north winds

Today at 7PM by Paul Dailey

Current Metro/Regional Weather Radar Loops

Today at 6PM by Paul Dailey
Thursday 3

Showers and isolated thunderstorms expected this evening into the overnight hours

Today at 5PM by Paul Dailey
northern lights forecast

Keep your eyes to the skies overnight; Northern Lights possible!

Yesterday at 10PM by Tom Skilling

Cool start to the weekend won’t last long

Today at 9PM by Tom Skilling

Drop in temps but then a weekend warmup

Today at 5PM by Tom Skilling

A warm Chicago Halloween—October 31, 1950.

Today at 3PM by Tom Skilling

1-minute forecast: Storms to arrive during tonight’s evening rush

Today at 2PM by Demetrius Ivory

1-minute forecast: Above average temps storms tonight

Today at 8AM by Paul Konrad

When did some of the city’s wettest Octobers occur?

Today at 12AM by WGN Team
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Warmest temps in 2 weeks could brew Chicago’s first thunderstorms since September 19; A blustery Friday temp plunge to churn Lake Michigan; Runners here in for a windy Chicago Marathon Sunday

Today at 12AM by WGN Team

Temps way above normal to end the week

Yesterday at 9PM by Tom Skilling

Warm weekend ahead

Yesterday at 5PM by Tom Skilling
Wednesday 1

A Marginal Risk of severe thunderstorms western portion of the Chicago area Thursday

Yesterday at 1PM by Paul Dailey
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