ASK TOM: Warm temp outlook for August

by WGN Team on 07|27|13 at 8PM

Dear Tom,
Will we see some 80s and 90s in August and, I hope, no 60s or 70s? And I hope it doesn’t rain on Tuesdays.

— Eric Dulkin

Dear Eric,
It’s a near certainty that August will bring at least several days in the 80s or higher because every August in the 142 years of Chicago’s temperature records has done so. Similarly, every August has produced at least two days with highs in the 70s. But highs in the 60s? Only one August in four.
The chance of rain on any given day in August is 29 percent, and that is true for Tuesday or any other day of the week. The weather doesn’t recognize the significance that we attach to particular days. And, because rain in August is usually associated with thunderstorms that last only an hour or two, even most “rainy” August days contain many rain-free hours.


WGN Team

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