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Residents of the Bahamas and Florida advised to closely monitor tropical system headed their way from the U.S. & British Virgin Islands; currently sheared system to enter more favorable environment for development; could Tropical Storm or Hurricane Hermine be in early stages of development?

Today at 12PM by Tom Skilling

Storms move in overnight

Yesterday at 10PM by Tom Skilling

Shower, storms, humidity in the days ahead

Yesterday at 5PM by Tom Skilling

Humidity returns

08|22|16 by Tom Skilling

Storms possible midweek

08|22|16 by Tom Skilling

How hot was it on August 19, 1947?

08|21|16 by Tom Skilling

7-day forecast: Rain Saturday, but pleasant days ahead

08|19|16 by Tom Skilling

Why do most Atlantic hurricanes occur in the September-October period?

08|19|16 by Tom Skilling
Bill Bryne shares this morning's dramatic  shelf cloud sweeping into the Grayslake area.

This morning’s awesome (an ominous-appearing) shelf clouds prove attention-grabbers; viewers send us their photos of day turned to night ahead of gusty downpours

08|19|16 by Tom Skilling

7-day forecast: Humid, stormy weekend, with sunny start next week

08|18|16 by Tom Skilling

7-day forecast: Hot, humid and stormy next few days

08|17|16 by Tom Skilling

Heat and humidity could bring storms

08|16|16 by Tom Skilling

7-day forecast: Hot temps, scattering of t-storms

08|16|16 by Tom Skilling
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Monday’s cloudburst produces torrential northwest Indiana/south suburban downpours–the second in less than a week– produces flooding rains up to 10″ across northwest Indiana while bypassing rain-starved north & west suburbs; tornadoes spotted near Indianapolis; 2016 on track to be the planet’s warmest after the warmest single month in the term of instrument records in July

08|16|16 by Tom Skilling

More rain on the way

08|15|16 by Tom Skilling
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