Nov. 24, 1966: Chicago’s mildest Thanksgiving

Yesterday at 7PM by WGN Team

Feeling pain when the weather changes?

11|24|15 by Thomas Valle

Would melting of polar ice caps lower sea level?

11|23|15 by WGN Team

How far from Lake Michigan does lake-effect snow occur?

11|22|15 by Tom Skilling

Thanksgiving Eve snowstorm of 1975

11|21|15 by WGN Team

What has been the worst December snowstorm in Chicago?

11|20|15 by Tom Skilling

“Severe freezes” this past October?

11|19|15 by WGN Team

What effect does El Nino have in Arizona?

11|18|15 by WGN Team

How often has Chicago had snow on the ground for Thanksgiving?

11|17|15 by WGN Team

Why houses no longer have lightning rods?

11|16|15 by WGN Team

Does an unusually large number of robins still in the area hint toward a mild winter?

11|15|15 by Tom Skilling

What effect did the S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald storm have on Chicago’s weather?

11|14|15 by WGN Team

What causes the odor just before it begins to rain?

11|13|15 by Tom Skilling

Could acid rain kill off fish in a Chicago-area pond?

11|12|15 by WGN Team

What causes turbulence during a jet flight?

11|11|15 by Tom Skilling
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