How long did it take ice to melt from New Year’s Day 1948 storm?

01|09|17 by Tom Skilling

Are the number of days of snow cover tracked?

01|08|17 by Tom Skilling

Could you give an update of the Pacific Ocean water currents and temperatures?

01|07|17 by Tom Skilling

Can showers occur with very low temperatures?

01|06|17 by Tom Skilling

How can you predict the weather so far in advance?

01|05|17 by Tom Skilling

Has it ever not snowed in January, February or March?

01|04|17 by WGN Team

What is the average of Chicago’s highest and lowest temperatures recorded each year?

01|03|17 by Tom Skilling

When did a big snowstorm shut down O’Hare, and how much snow fell?

01|01|17 by WGN Team

What are Chicago’s temperature extremes on New Year’s Day?

12|31|16 by WGN Team

What can you tell us about the 1948 New Year’s Day ice storm?

12|30|16 by WGN Team

What advice can you give an aspiring meteorologist?

12|29|16 by WGN Team

What is the source of Earth’s water?

12|28|16 by WGN Team

What is the December record for subfreezing days?

12|27|16 by WGN Team

Has there ever been a year in Chicago when thunderstorms occurred in all 12 months?

12|26|16 by Tom Skilling

How many times has December been the snowiest month of the season?

12|25|16 by Tom Skilling
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