MOnday 1

Severe Thunderstorm Warning until 1:15AM CDT for southern Porter and northern Newton as well as all of Lake and Jasper Counties in Indiana

Today at 1AM by Paul Dailey
Monday 2

As of 12:30AM CDT a portion of the Chicago area remains under the Severe Thunderstorm Watch until 2AM CDT

Today at 12AM by Paul Dailey
Sunday 14

Severe Thunderstorm Warning remains in effect for Will and southeastern Cook County and Lake and Porter Counties in Indiana until 12:15AM CDT – the warning has expired for portions of Kendall and southern DuPage Counties in Illinois

Today at 12AM by Paul Dailey
Sunday 13

Severe thunderstorm warning for central Cook, southern Kane and all of DuPage County until midnight tonight

Yesterday at 11PM by Paul Dailey
Sunday 7

Severe Thunderstorm Warning for northeastern Cook County until 11:15PM CDT – warning for McHenry and Lake County has expired

Yesterday at 11PM by Paul Dailey

Severe thunderstorm Warning for portions of McHenry, Cook, Kane and DuPage Counties until 11PM CDT

Yesterday at 10PM by Paul Dailey
Sunday 6

A Severe Thunderstorm Warning in effect until 10:15PM CDT for portions of Lake and McHenry Counties in Illinois

Yesterday at 9PM by Paul Dailey

At 9:10PM CDT Tornado Warning Cancelled for a portion of Lake County, IIlinois including Waukegan

Yesterday at 9PM by Paul Dailey
Sunday 2

Severe thunderstorms warning for portions of DeKalb, Kane and DuPage Counties untl 2:45PM CDT

Yesterday at 2PM by Paul Dailey
Flash Flood today in Elmhurst, IL I-290 and I-294

Heavy rain continues to pound Lake, eastern McHenry counties.

07|18|15 by Paul Merzlock
with 1and 3/4 of an inch of rain with in one hour in Summit, Illinois

Flash flood warning for Lake and McHenry counties.

07|18|15 by Paul Merzlock
Today's squall ripped in over my office down by the Waukegan harbor, and the sky went from fairly bright to fairly black! I took this picture of the leading edge of the storm. It's a powerful reminder of how fast the weather can change out on Lake Michigan, and to keep one eye on the water and one eye on the weather.

Dangerous thunderstorms moving over lake Michigan

07|18|15 by Paul Merzlock

Severe thunderstorm warning for east central Cook county…including downtown Chicago

07|18|15 by Paul Merzlock
Photo courtesy of Susan Vethacke who snapped this shot aroung 4:30pm Friday afternoon as this storm raced into Crystal Lake, IL

Severe thunderstorm warning remains in effect for Lake county, IL.

07|18|15 by Paul Merzlock
This storm was approaching from the Gulf in Sarasota and formed an ominous shelf cloud. You can see the storm had a circular shape and was rotating counter clockwise.

Severe thunderstorm warning for northern Cook county.

07|18|15 by Paul Merzlock
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