Rainbow over Manteno Lake

09|21|12 by Steve Kahn

Nasty side of October to unleash wind, rain

10|18|11 by WGN Team

Tom Skilling’s Severe Weather Adventure: New Version!

06|08|10 by WGN Team

Check out our Skilling Storm Chase team

05|17|10 by WGN Team

Eastbound in southwest Missouri in driving rains; headed for rendezvous with strong t-storms

05|13|10 by WGN Team

Blinding rain, white knuckle driving through torrential rain and a hail bombardment

05|12|10 by WGN Team

Coming up on a squall line producing golf ball hail, frequent lightning; Doppler scanned tops to near 60,000 ft.

05|12|10 by WGN Team

Wednesday storm chase underway

05|12|10 by WGN Team

Quiet weather day out in western Oklahoma Wed; storm focus shifts back east-and so do we

05|12|10 by WGN Team

A Burger and a Tornado please

05|12|10 by WGN Team

We’re on the move Tuesday on the look-out for cap-busting t-storms in Oklahoma

05|11|10 by WGN Team

Our encounter with Monday’s multiple vortex tornado had the phones ringing this morning

05|11|10 by WGN Team

Oklahoma tornado and severe weather outbreak turns into a national story; injuries, deaths and widespread damage reported

05|10|10 by WGN Team

Our rendezvous with a multiple vortex Oklahoma tornado; scary moments outside Medford, OK on Highway 11

05|10|10 by WGN Team

Storms bearing down on us as we head into Wakita, OK-setting for the movie Twister

05|10|10 by WGN Team
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