7-Day Forecast: A warm start to fall

Yesterday at 7PM by Jim Ramsey

Storms possible throughout weekend

09|23|16 by Tom Skilling

Cloudy weekend, storms possible

09|23|16 by Tom Skilling

1-minute forecast: Humid conditions, spotty showers expected

09|23|16 by Tim McGill

Storms possible for part of the weekend

09|22|16 by Tom Skilling

7-Day Forecast: Showers possible as fall cooldown begins

09|22|16 by Tom Skilling

1-minute forecast: Very warm temps on first day of fall

09|22|16 by Paul Konrad

Warmth and humidity return

09|21|16 by Tom Skilling

Hot start to Fall, then mild temps

09|21|16 by Tom Skilling

1-Minute Forecast: Summer warmth lingers on

09|21|16 by Tim McGill

Showers and storms expected this week

09|20|16 by Tom Skilling

Storms possible during warm week

09|20|16 by Tom Skilling

1-minute forecast: Warm and sunny, cooler tonight

09|20|16 by Elyse Russo

1-minute forecast: Warmer temps, decreasing cloudiness

09|20|16 by Demetrius Ivory

Warm week ahead

09|19|16 by Tom Skilling
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