1-minute forecast: Warm and humid conditions, isolated showers later today

Today at 7AM by Paul Konrad

Weekend could be hot, stormy

Yesterday at 10PM by Jim Ramsey

Hot holiday weekend could be stormy

Yesterday at 5PM by Jim Ramsey

1-minute forecast: Scattered storms possible tonight

Yesterday at 3PM by Jim Ramsey

Forecast: Chance of scattered t-storms late this afternoon

Yesterday at 1PM by Tim McGill

1-minute forecast: Another hot day, scattered storms possible

Yesterday at 7AM by Paul Konrad

Heat could give way to storms

09|02|15 by Tom Skilling

Little relief from heat this week

09|02|15 by Tom Skilling

Forecast: Warm and humid, T-storms possible tonight

09|02|15 by Tom Skilling

1-minute forecast: Hot, humid conditions, scattered storms expected tonight

09|02|15 by Paul Konrad

Heat, humidity and possible storms

09|01|15 by Tom Skilling

Hot …and getting hotter

09|01|15 by Tom Skilling

Forecast: T-storms thin out, fair, hazy and warm tonight

09|01|15 by Tom Skilling

1-minute forecast: Hot, sticky day across Chicago area

09|01|15 by Paul Konrad

7-day forecast: More heat, humidity is on the way

08|31|15 by Tom Skilling
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